A taste of Nations Apart

For those of you who aren’t swayed by my media kits ( don’t know why- they are amazing) here is an excerpt from my latest book Nations Apart- I know you’ll want to read the whole book!

” Marcela walked into the chaos of the emergency waiting area. Olivia, Pedro and Ernesto followed closely behind. The room was already at capacity, filled with moaning patients, scurrying nurses, idle policemen and a policewoman consoling a near-hysterical mother. The air was thick with the pungent smell of sickness, medicines and fear.

” My God.” Marcela puther hand to her mouth. “What a mess.”

“I’ll wander around and ask some questions,” Ernesto said.

“I’d better talk to the police and the little girls’ mother,” Marcela sighed.

“This place is going to make me sick.” Olivia said, making a sour face. “Pedro and I will be outside. We’ll ask if anyone saw where they went.”

“Don’t go far. We may need to leave soon.”



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