A taste of Nations Apart

For those of you who aren’t swayed by my media kits ( don’t know why- they are amazing) here is an excerpt from my latest book Nations Apart- I know you’ll want to read the whole book! ” Marcela walked into the chaos of the emergency waiting area. Olivia, Pedro and Ernesto followed closely behind. […]

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A new year, a new nation

I’ve been travelling a great deal since the new year, and currently I’m in Argentina spreading the word about my book Nations Apart. It’s always tough when you are travelling to remember to promote your book, but I’m doing my best. On my pages – About the Book and on the Media Room page you […]

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Stephen McGeegan, aka Stephen Quigley, the newly minted author of “Nations Apart” has lived a life as varied and interesting as many of his characters.  Born in Los Angeles in 1952, Stephen went on the road at the age of 19, traveling across the United States and extensively throughout Europe. In a forty year career span, he has taught soldiers for the US Army in Germany, worked construction in California, and settled in the far north of British Columbia where his career path has led him to surveying, log building, self-publishing, bartending, gold mining and twenty-five years of forest fire management.  He and his Argentinean wife, Silvana, own and operate a lodge and spend their time between homes in southern Argentina, where the Andes meet Patagonia, and in northern British Columbia, where the Pacific watershed meets the Arctic.  They have four children between them and three grandchildren.


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